Are we at the peak? Yes, we are, and on the down slide of this slippery slope. History has shown that, during an election year, spending habits become unpredictable, and this applies to personal travel and business travel habits. What does that mean for your group business strategy? Our advice is go all in on group for the next 18 months. You may have to sacrifice in a little in rate and concessions to close the business but in the end having this group base built will allow more options Read more [...]
We hear the phrase “long tail keyword,” but for most individuals not well versed in SEO, it’s a bit of an anathema. What are long tail keywords, why are they valuable and how do I find them? Let’s take a look. Short, popular phrases generate a large volume of searches in the world of keywords. Think, “Luxury Hotels.” While a relatively broad keyword, individuals across the world are searching for it. As such, if you are visible on the first page of a SERP (search engine results Read more [...]
Michael Mustafa, HyperDisk Marketing's Vice President of Sales & Strategic Services, is honored to be speaking at Cvent Connect 2015 June 14-18 at the MGM Grand Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. The first two days of the event are geared toward group business professions and will allow them to discover the art of securing group business with fellow Hoteliers, Hotel Chain & Brand Executives, Hospitality Advertising Agencies, Property Management & Ownership Groups, and Destination Read more [...]
The Friends of Flight 93 National Memorial has created and launched a new website. The Friends of Flight 93 is the official non-profit charitable partner of the Memorial, established in 2009 to work with the National Park Service at Flight 93 National Memorial. The Friends group raises awareness of the Memorial, provides volunteers and resources to enhance the visitor experience and supports educational programming and stewardship initiatives at the park. The new website, is Read more [...]
The Importance of Trust You want your customers to trust your brand. You work very hard to build that trust. It can be, however, a very fleeting entity. And once lost, it is extremely difficult to win back. One need only view the level of trust the American people have had in the Federal Government from 1958 - 2013 according to a Pew Research study from October 18, 2013. In looking at the chart to the left, the United States Government has yet to recover from the damage done by President Johnson’s Read more [...]
Having a blog is a great way to spread information about your business or industry. Optimizing your blog for SEO is just one of the critical elements to ensuring as many as possible land on your blog and read what you have to say. Here are a few ways, from both a content and back-end perspective, to optimize your blog for SEO. Content Choosing a topic: Choose a topic that presents a new angle on a specific matter; provides a good hook in the beginning so people will want to read on; Read more [...]