I like to eat interesting and well-prepared meals. I worked in restaurant kitchens to help pay my way in college (washing dishes mostly!) where I watched the chefs practice their art. I learned a great deal. Am I now a chef? Hardly! Following a recipe is fairly easy, depending on the dish, yet few of us can produce an herb crusted rack of lamb worthy of Gordon Ramsey’s (photo courtesy of celebritynewsupdate.net) praise. What then is the difference between you and me, and the great chefs Read more [...]
‘Most of the hierarchy found in the traditional firm must be eliminated, and the walls between functional staffs must be destroyed. You can’t move fast, no matter how good the systems are, if turf fights among functions are the norm, and if even routine decisions must be processed through numerous layers of bureaucracy.”  -Tom Peters Traditionally, digital agencies are tertiary in a client’s hierarchy of marketing strategy and budget allocation. Proctor & Gamble, for instance, Read more [...]
In a meeting this week, HyperDisk Marketing’s President, Steven V. Seghers, made a casual yet matter of fact statement, “the reality is that there is no longer a distinction between digital and traditional.” He was speaking about marketing. The attendees all silently agreed if not in fact nodding our collective heads. That was to be expected. We are, after all, employees of a digital agency. It would be unnatural for us to disagree. Taking his statement to a much larger audience, however, Read more [...]
What is the meeting and event business worth to the hotel industry? $565 billion! Yep, that’s a lot of money. The average hotel generates around $12 million in M&E business each year. When we’re talking this kind of money, it is no surprise how competitive the market is for meetings business. Brands are launching entire programs to capture meeting planner loyalty. Starwood has SPG Pro, which according to Chris Holdren, senior VP-Starwood Preferred Guest & Digital says that by capturing Read more [...]
It is approaching budget season for the hotel industry, and many may be considering redeveloping a website or looking for a new digital marketing partner. Here are a few things to consider to help make the best possible decisions with respect to delivering more revenue…beyond room nights mind you…gain greater market share and have a richer interaction with your visitors and customers. One caveat - don’t be too overly-impressed with “techno-jargon” used by “experts.” I’ve often Read more [...]
We recently had an inquiry about bounce rate from visitors who entered a site through social media sources being significantly higher than the bounce rate from other traffic sources. “Bounce rate” is the percentage of single-page visits (i.e. visits in which the person left your site from the entrance page without interacting with the page). At 46%, this number did appear significantly higher than the bounce rates from other sources. So what is a good social media bounce rate, anyway? In Read more [...]