Dealing with a crisis online can be daunting, especially if you’re not prepared. And with social media’s immediacy and consumer feedback, retaliation can happen quickly. Negative sentiments can easily be shared, searched, and escalated before the truth or clarifying explanations have the chance to be organized. Having a plan in place to respond in certain situations can help prevent a potential reputation mishap from escalating farther than necessary. If you do find yourself immersed in Read more [...]
Mobile devices are small and hand-held, and optimizing for these devices is the same as it is for desktops, right? Think again. The 2014 Detroit Auto Show did more than present us with the latest models in automobiles; it showed us what the future holds in voice technology. It should profoundly change the way we think about mobile marketing In 1982, Knight Rider was a hit and a car named KITT was the costar. How did Michael Knight interact with KITT? Knight, played by David Hasselhoff, spoke to Read more [...]
In the vast majority of cases, current tactics for generating traffic typically rely on historically proven methods. Most people are aware of these methods and rely on them to produce higher rankings and, hopefully, increased traffic by qualified visitors. And that is great. Those employing this strategy are probably doing better than their competition. That said, the strategy has a lot of room for improvement. It may not be a problem now or in the near term, but it will most definitely be a problem Read more [...]
As 2013 draws to a close, thoughts often turn to resolutions for 2014. Losing weight and saving more money are perennial favorites as personal goals. Getting a new job or a pay raise are cited by many as professional goals. And all of those are very worthy resolutions for sure. But if you are involved in sales and marketing, an important resolution may be to increase your knowledge level about how Google works. Why do I say this? I’ve been immersed in digital marketing for nearly 15 years Read more [...]
In between all the social media noise, there occasionally comes along a campaign that perfectly aligns with a brand’s mission. This is one of those times! With a collection of indoor and outdoor facilities as well as a variety of customized programs and experiences, Carmel Valley Ranch defines itself as the perfect place to play. Boasting “all kinds of play, for all kinds of people,” one of their most unique features, suited to both kids and adults alike, is their bee experience.  Sixty Read more [...]
Twitter is a powerful place for brands to interact with their customers as well as universally celebrate or mourn certain occasions. Unfortunately, it's also a place where it's incredibly easy to screw up (or "Twitter fail," as we so aptly call it). Twitter users were up in arms this morning over a seemingly insensitive tweet sent out by AT&T. While most individuals and brands alike are commemorating 9/11 by sharing photos via social media, AT&T's included a phone in front of the two beams Read more [...]