Wondering how to set up a company profile on LinkedIn? You’re in luck! Here is a step-by-step guide to setting up and getting the  most from your LinkedIn business page.

  • While logged into LinkedIn, click on “Companies” at the top. When that page comes up, click on “Add a Company” (on the right-hand side, just below the search bar).
  • Fill out business profile completely, including company bio, website and industry.
  • Make sure company employees have complete profiles listing your brand as their employer.
    • Those individuals will show as employees on the company’s page, helping new visitors to the brand learn with whom to connect if interested in more information about a the company’s offerings.
    • List any employment opportunities.
      • Many people on LinkedIn are job seekers, and this makes it easy for people to learn about new jobs that are available, and also makes it easy for the company to review candidates.
      • Once you’ve set up all the basics, click on the blue “admin tools” bar and go to “edit”
        • On the homepage, scroll down to the bottom. Add your blog RSS feed into the corresponding field.
          • This allows individuals following you on LinkedIn to be in-the-know whenever you update the blog.
  • Enable “[Company name] in the News” by clicking on “Show news about my company.”
    • This is a great way to keep everyone apprised on any press your business receives.

Add RSS feed for company blog on LinkedIn

  • Next, click on “Services,” the third option from the left just below the company name. Then, on the little arrow beside the blue “admin tools” bar, and select “add a product or service.”
    • Fill in all applicable information completely, including YouTube URL and Summer of Love details in the promotions field.
    • When finished, click the “publish” button top-right.
  • Let people know via newsletters, social media, etc., that you now have a LinkedIn page, and encourage them to follow.
  • Post relevant updates (similarly to how you would update a status on Facebook) via the “share an update” field just below the company name.

linkedin company profile


When posting updates:

  • Do:
    • Self-Promote — This section is all about your company and making a good impression to those visiting your company’s page.
    • Post about job openings or fairs –The average LinkedIn user has at least a bachelor’s degree making it a prime recruiting place.
  • Don’t:
    • Post anything that could be considered controversial – A LinkedIn business page is not a conducive atmosphere to political, social, or religious discourse.
    • Post non sequiturs – LinkedIn should be focused on business discussion and news. Facebook and Twitter are much better platforms for non-business discussions.

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